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I'd like to help. Where can I search?

Please continue to search independently. No organized search parties are planned at this time, but you can access a search map and flyers from the links below. 

Please note:

  • He may be in need, fallen under a bush or bench, in a boat, under a cover, in a car or truck bed, anywhere.
  • Please check your property or neighborhood.
  • Go walk the dogs a few extra blocks. Notice if they are interested in something in the bush.
  • Fly a drone if you have one (respecting private and personal property) and search the odd spots.

What is NOT needed?

Please do not call or contact the below – they have all been notified.

  1. Hospitals
  2. Libraries
  3. Police (unless Jim is spotted – then please call 9-1-1 immediately)
  4. Metro
  5. Ferry
  6. VFW
  7. YMCA’s
  8. Coast Guard
  9. Seattle Port District
  10. King County Parks – voicemail left, may need to check in
  11. Kings County Health and Human Services
  12. West Seattle Farmers Market
  13. Highland Park Improvement Club

Has law enforcement been involved?

Yes. Both SPD & KCSD, as well as FBI search and rescue have been out for foot searches as well as one aerial search of West Seattle/Vashon.

Have you tracked his Orca card?

Yes, there has been no activity logged since his disappearance, but his doesn’t mean he didn’t take transit without swiping his card.

Does Jim use a cane?

He did not leave the house with one, but occasionally he will use a cane.

Could Jim have walked far?

Yes. Even though at time he can be limited, Jim has been known to walk many, many miles.

Does Jim have a phone/iphone?


Is it possible he went to visit a family member?

It’s unlikely – Jim had no cash or credit/debit card on him when he left & he hadn’t been in recent contact with any family members outside of Seattle.

Have you tried looking at past homes/places he liked to visit?

Yes, and we are continuing to do so.

Is it possible that he would hide/run away from the search volunteers due to his dementia?

It’s possible although unlikely he would be able to move quickly enough to avoid being noticed